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 We are Grup Cañigueral’s specialists in two areas of food solutions for today’s consumer: cutting and packaging fresh meat, and making processed products. Freshness and quality are our hallmark.

Our key asset in achieving this is the integrated management of Grup Cañigueral’s agrifood chain. This enables us to select the highest standards in the origin, diet and breeding of the animals we will use to make our products.

We have technologically advanced procedures to achieve consistent quality every day, our own microbiology laboratory to ensure the safety of our food, and applied research to offer the food solutions you need.

We were founded in 2000 to satisfy Mercadona’s need for meat products and we provide them with fresh pork and lamb, packaged ingredients for stews, and a wide range of hamburgers and other processed products.

The four pillars are integrated chain management, advanced technology, our own microbiology laboratory and R&D

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