People: driving growth

People: driving growth

A shared agreement

Our staff are committed to the company’s objectives and culture: food safety and quality. Meeting your needs as a consumer.

This is a mutual commitment because at Frescos Delisano we also accept responsibility for facilitating the all-round development of our teams as people and as professionals by encouraging internal promotion, providing training activities and implementing a plan that has led to effective equality between men and women. 

We have agreements with various bodies for the workplace insertion of groups of people with disabilities.

Our teams are committed to the company’s culture, and the company is committed to their personal and professional development

Health and Safety

We have our own Prevention Service and a management system integrated into the production process with the aim of continuously improving working conditions and providing the appropriate level of protection. 

Professional development and training

We support the continuous training of all of our staff, especially the leaders, to increase their capacities. New technologies support our staff and are a means of obtaining continuous improvement in the Organization. 


Frescos Delisano’s equality policy incentivises and promotes equality between men and women through its equality plans, with measures focussed on encouraging access to employment and promotion.

Our three equality plans and the measures set out in them have allowed us to obtain different awards over the years, such as the “Igualdad en la Empresa” (Equality in the Company) badge since 2012, awarded by the Spanish government, the Plan de Igualdad (Equality Plan) endorsement and the Fent Empresa. Iguals en Oportunitats (Making Companies. Equal Opportunities) seal awarded by the Vice-Presidency and Ministry of Equality and Inclusive Policies of the Valencian regional government.


Empresas Sabias (Wise Companies) prize (Valencian regional government) 2012

Premio Nacional de Prevención-Prever (National Prevention Prize-Predict) (Valencian regional government) 2009