Exhaustive controls

Safe processes and products

Our integrated food supply-chain management ensures the traceability of the best raw materials. And the process controls, supported by our own microbiology laboratory, guarantee the food safety and quality you seek.

Our controls are based on the positive release system. This means that the raw materials and products only make it to the production stage if they have passed our microbiological, organoleptic and physicochemical analyses. This model is complemented by internal audits that check the established standards every day. However, the most important part of our guarantee is the commitment of our staff.

We have the most widely recognised international quality marks, such as the IFS (International Food Standard).

None of Frescos Delisano’s products include gluten in their recipe. Our plant has been declared free from allergens (mandatory declaration under Regulation EU 1169/2011), and so we can meet your needs and the needs of any group of consumers.

Daily analyses and audits guarantee that every product meets our demanding standards

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