Total Quality Model

Our Total Quality Model is based on universal values and truths. It steers the management of the company and creates value with the same intensity for all five components: The consumer (“the Boss”), the worker, the supplier, the company and its stockholders.

This model aims to satisfy them all in all areas, and so we work to continuously improve our processes, build loyalty among the staff who make up the company and reflect this philosophy in all of our actions to create value for the whole chain.

Costa Brava Foods, the slaughterhouse of the Grup, has the AENOR CONFORM certification in Animal Welfare, based on the strict Welfare Quality international protocols.

We create value with the same intensity for the “Boss” consumer, staff members, suppliers, society and stockholders

“The Boss” consumer

As the consumer you are “the Boss” and our objective is to offer you products that satisfy you, that make your everyday life easier and that give you the time that is so scarce.

And this is what we aim for with our cuts of fresh meat and our processed products: breaded meat, hamburgers, ingredients for stews, and processed products: stuffed meat products, cold meats, and flavoured and marinated products.  

We look after your health and well-being. With Frescos Delisano choose everyday dishes or a gourmet touch for that special occasion.

Food safety, freshness, quality and a friendly approach at the most competitive price. 


The people who work with us are the driving force behind our growth. To get the best from our staff, we provide all of the resources they need, encouraging all-round development as people and professionals.

This builds mutual trust, strengthening working relations.

As the company grows, people grow.


We establish stable, long-term relationships with our suppliers to achieve a shared objective: satisfying our client and “the Boss”, our consumer. We share working models and together we focus on continuous improvement.

Along with our suppliers, we help create jobs, social development and economic resources.


We are committed to developing our surroundings: the environment and all of the social settings in which we perform our activity.


We constantly reinvest our economic resources in continuously improving our facilities, technology, working processes and so on. By following the sequential order of these five components, we effectively and competitively build consumer loyalty and ensure the future of our organisation.

Value for the whole chain

Value for the whole chain

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